September Call Summary

Thank you to Candice (National), Thomas (Roanoke), Linda (Central PA) and Jeff (NCC) who logged on to our monthly call yesterday. For those who missed, here’s the recap – Dave Rickey provided a broad overview of the By-Laws changes that are before the Assembly this year. Assembly discussion calls have begun and conversations are taking place on the E-group. If you have proposed revisions to any of the By-Laws changes, they are asking that you submit them to in advance of the Assembly (Oct 8 is the deadline), so that we’re not rewriting on the fly. Big ticket items on the changes are: (1) a more inclusive membership, recognizing that there are many new careers out there (bloggers, etc.) that are within the pr realm. This one concerns me – the dilution of an already very much misunderstood role – especially for groups, such as bloggers, who are not committed to an ethics policy as we are. (2) removing the requirement of Board representation from each District. National says it limits the pool, but I fear it runs the risk of skewing Board representation, and I do believe each geographical area needs its own “personal peep” looking out for them. I have supported Mark McClellan’s comments on this. (3) the removal of the APR requirement for a Board member. This one gets the ultimate “are you kidding me” response. National says the APR requirement takes a lot of well-qualified people out of play. I say, if they are committed to advancing the profession and they are that good – then get them accredited, but don’t remove the requirement. Removing APR as a requirement for a leadership position tells the membership that the leadership doesn’t value the APR and there is no need to acheive it.

Other items discussed included a nice briefing on the 2010 conference in DC from NCC pres-elect Jeff Ghannam. Believe it or not there is a 35-member committee planning it. They are working with national pres elect Gary McCormick on a theme and have plans for a little District Happy Hour at conference this year (Nov 9). So look for info about that. Our District is also scheduled to meet morning of Nov 8th (Sunday). Please let me know if you are coming so I can make sure you know where we’re meeting, etc. Flights from this area are not bad. My roundtrip ticket is only $240. We need to discuss next-year’s District leadership, as well as our plans to do a one-day QuickStart program for new Board leaders.

In our roundtable discussion, both Roanoke and Central PA are feeling effects of the down economy. Roanoke reported a slight drop in membership, not quite 10%, but had a very successful networking event, where they gained a few more new members through a membership giveaway drawing. Central PA is worried about the future of its leadership – as it appears folks are too busy to step up to the slate. Any thoughts/ideas for shaking loose those hidden leaders in the chapter? I will ask around at my District Council conference call next week.

Stay glued and share your thoughts. Next person to comment (besides Harry and Jennifer who already got theirs) gets a Starbucks on me.


2 Responses to September Call Summary

  1. prsa-md says:

    I agree with your comments on the proposed Bylaws changes – as do all our delegates! Should be an interesting mtg this year; wish I was going (due to our Chapter’s budget issues, we are only able to send 2 delegates this year, and they are each holding a proxy vote).
    -Laura LaChapelle

  2. prsamidatlantic says:

    We will miss you Laura – and one Starbucks gift card coming you’re way for commenting 🙂

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