July Call

Thanks for a great call yesterday and a great discussion everyone. Particular thanks to Denis Walcott for the brief on the Conference. Sounds like a great lineup with Todd Buchholz, Ariana Huffington and newly added Bob Garfield from NPR’s On the Media. Lots of sessions dedicated to metrics, meet the experts, advance your career all packaged in gorgeous San Diego with a lower price (below $1,000). Register before 9/25 for $200 in savings. Plus, new this year, you can pay in installments – so affording it is even easier!

Proposed By Law Changes – good discussion and definitely a challenge! Seems like there was agreement in the need and expectation for our leaders to be accredited – but what to do in the meantime, when so few of them are? Is Board leadership and governance mixing the objective? A 2008 leadership poll rated professional accomplishment and APR for leaders up over the 70% mark on a scale of importance. The best results come from continuing the dialogue so please be sure to log-in and participate on Assembly discussions coming your way either via the leaderserve or conference call. I am currently working on a position piece for NCC that I will share with you when ready. Let’s help each other arrive at our conclusions by continuing to talk about it.

During our “swap” ideas conversation – Jeff (NCC) requested some desire to offer training to Board members and committee chairs. I will grab the District Quick Start template and share with you all as a straw man. Let’s try to plan something for mid-January – a one-day in a convenient location. In the meantime – could you let me know if you’d send your Board and whether you’d be interested in helping me plan?

Question about new chapter we templates available – thanks Candace for the info – looks like the “go live” is early 2010 and the plan is to first relaunch the prsa.org site.

Next call is August 19 and I stand by my offer of a Starbucks giftcard equal to one weekly frappachino for a month to the first one to post a comment to this entry. The last card will be going out to DE’s Jennifer Johnston for mentioning the last post before anyone.



2 Responses to July Call

  1. Great meeting yesterday!
    I wanted to add some comments regarding Accreditation.
    As I noted, we have a dilemma. On one hand we don’t want to dilute the importance of being Accredited, and on the other we have to fill our leadership positions. Chapters can resolve that in their own bylaws, but for high-level National positions, Accreditation needs to be a prerequisite. Afterall, it is a mark of distinction and if you’re to be a distinguish National leadership you should be Accredited.
    Another issue that needs further discussion is offering membership to professional that support Public Relations. On this, we should keep up with current trends, but not open the door to just anyone. There needs to be a better definition of what PRSA considers to be PR professions.
    So, do I get a free cup of coffee now?

  2. prsamidatlantic says:

    Yeah, Harry! Free coffee coming to you! Thanks for your post.

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